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With minimal man power and IR – Thermal integration, we are 4 times faster than traditional inspection with 70% more detailed data acquisition.

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With a capacity of 1000+ acres per day, LIDAR based drones with RGB sensor and ground based GNSS enables high quality imaging and real time mapping.

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The point cloud density of 1 million generates high quality 3D imagery while remote monitoring provides progress tracking and identifies issues.

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Real Estate

Our cinematic drones and IN -house production studio provides 5.2K 60fps suitable for all social media and television platforms at affordable cost.

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Our drones improve overall efficiency of a large mine site by improving quarry management by live stockpile measurement and volumetric analysis.

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Optimize farming operations, increase crop production, and monitor crop growth. Sensors and digital imaging capabilities can give farmers a richer picture of their fields.

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Software Development

Our drone software development provides real-time photogrammetry, mapping and mission based solutions for swarm shows, indoor positioning systems and more.


In an IoT setting, a drone could act as a mobile sensor to gather data and relay it back to a cloud app or some other analytics service.

Customised Drone Manufacture
Customised Drone Manufacture

We provide custom-built drone based on the client requirements and environments to complete the mission.

Step 1.


Predefine boundaries with local guidelines and assess total timeline.

Step 2


Deploy multiple drones coordinating with each other and capture data.

Step 3


Detailed analysis of captured data with Bird scale image processing engine.

Step 4


Cloud based data delivery with remote accessing capability and accuracy report.


We have wings to fly for you.

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